#TechduoLIVE Event & Sony Smart Watch

Hi Readers,

As you all know that i attend one event called #TechduoLIVE last Sarturday. Actually TechduoLIVE is one of the series of Techduology that hosted by Ben and Smashpop. It is my first event after taking a break from blogging ;).

IMG 20121222 01140 #TechduoLIVE Event & Sony Smart Watch

There were a lot of activities during the event. And we all have fun in the event…

1. Gadget Review

IMG 20121222 01151 #TechduoLIVE Event & Sony Smart Watch

Nokia Lumia 920 Review

IMG 20121222 01152 #TechduoLIVE Event & Sony Smart Watch

Sony Viao Windows 8 Review

 IMG 20121222 011531 #TechduoLIVE Event & Sony Smart Watch

Sony Smart Watch Review

2. Watching Behind The Scene – Techduology

IMG 20121222 011451 #TechduoLIVE Event & Sony Smart Watch


I went to the event with 3 targets. One of the target is :

IMG 20121222 01144 #TechduoLIVE Event & Sony Smart Watch

Ya! The main point i came to this event is to meet Nadia FlyFM. I am one of her fans since she sang Alejandro last two years haha. Even i didnt stand a chance to borak-borak with her at least she reply my tweets ;).

The next target is to bring home Nokia Lumia 920. But for this mission i failed because i am a bit late compared to the winners. But it’s ok because i am not empty handed. I bring home a Starbucks gift icon wink #TechduoLIVE Event & Sony Smart Watch

The last target is to win Sony Smart Watch. After i saw the review made by Ben and Smashpop i think the watch is suitable for me. Why? There is one  function that can help me settle my problem.

Actually i always forgot where it put my phone. Maybe it is an age factor haha. So with this Sony Smart Watch i just have to press on button to make my phone ring and i dont have to borrow somebody phone to locate my phone. Isn’t it GREAT!

So for all of you that haven’t watch Techduology, you can watch it at their site here. They will share the latest technology and reviews.

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