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Hi There,

I know there is a lot of programmers out there that have a lot of programming code that has its own value. So I have a place where you can earn from your knowledge. To all valuable programmers here i present Code Clerks.

codeclerks CodeClerks   A Place To Sell Your Code

With this platform you can sell what ever code or ideas that you have created including C language or maybe PHP Scripts . As you see in the picture many programmers already placed their script and sell it in Code Clerks.

You can earn only by register and place you code in the portal. When users want to buy your code they will  deal with Code Clerks and they will give the payment to you. Isn’t it simple? All payments are made by paypal and credit cards.

User will only have to pay deposit first and they will have to settle the rest of the payment after the code was done. You can also sell many things beside PHP Scripts. If you got any wordpress theme, Ebooks and also audio.

So to all programmers out there lets show off your creativity and earn some money with your creativity now with CodeClerks. There is no other platform that will pay for your creativity.


pixel CodeClerks   A Place To Sell Your Code
 CodeClerks   A Place To Sell Your Code Bean Moreno (1366 Posts)

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Wordpress CodeClerks   A Place To Sell Your Code



One Thought on “CodeClerks – A Place To Sell Your Code

  1. CodeClerks is a coding freelancers haven. You can list your already created software, bid on coding jobs or trade coding skills with other expert coders. It is based on the same platform as SEOClerks by Ionicware so you kow it is trusted.

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